Jack Stick Appointed Chief Legal Counsel for HHSC Despite Outstanding DWI Charge

stick-arrest-featureAccording to a government source, Jack Stick has been elevated from his position at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission as Deputy Inspector General for Enforcement to that of interim Chief Legal Counsel, replacing the retiring Steve Aragorn. A further rumor has it that Stick has been named to replace Aragorn in the position and that this has been announced internally at HHSC.

The decision is controversial taking into account that Stick has an outstanding DWI charge from September 2012 that is still before the Travis County Criminal Courts. Stick’s next scheduled hearing on the matter is April 7th, 2014.

Several important points about the arrest:

1. The police dash cam video shows Stick, a law enforcement official, arguing with the arresting officer that Texas law enforcement field sobriety tests “don’t work” and refusing any kind of test that would either exonerate or prove his guilt.

2. At the time his arrest became public more than a month later, Stick told reporters that blood tests would exonerate him. Yet the police records show Stick refused a blood test.

Any wonder why Medicaid in Texas is broken?

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