Judge allows liability lawsuit to continue against Texas dentist

HOUSTON – An appeals court will allow a liability lawsuit to move forward against a dentist who is accused of failing to properly diagnose and treat a patient.

According to the April 2 filing at the Texas 14th Court of Appeals, Kangasabapathy “Rikki” Ratnarajah filed a health care liability claim against Dr. Sanjar Naderi and Antoine Dental Center LLC. The suit alleges in July 2016, Ratnarajah sought treatment from Antoine Dental Center for an upper left wisdom tooth absces. His medical information and X-rays were taken by Naderi and his staff, the suit says and his No. 16 tooth was extracted.

However, the suit alleges that despite an abscess seen on X-rays on tooth No. 17, it was not extracted or treated at the time. Ratnarajah returned to the dental office a month later for a post-op follow-up, but again, the abcessed tooth was not diagnosed or treated, the suit says.

Source: Judge allows liability lawsuit to continue against dentist / SE Texas Record

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