Sunset Commission Wants Feedback on HHSC Report

sunset commissionTDMR received a notice from the Texas Sunset Commission on Tuesday requesting feedback on the staff report just issued on HHSC which was particularly scathing of the Office of Inspector General.

Make your voice heard

Any Texan can comment on the report and we suggest that Medicaid providers take the opportunity to do so, especially if they have been adversely affected by HHSC-OIG.

October 17 deadline

If the feedback is received prior to Friday, October 17, it will be provided to the Sunset Commission members prior to public hearings on November 12 and 13.

So for the future of your practice in Medicaid, take the time to do so.

The email address for the Commission is:

The notice reads:

Dear Recipient:

The Sunset Staff Report on the Health and Human Services Commission, as submitted to the Sunset Advisory Commission, is available for your review on our website,  To request a hard copy of this report, contact our office.  The Sunset Commission has scheduled a public hearing on this report for November 12 and 13.  At that time public testimony will be taken.  An agenda specifying the meeting time, location, and the order of agencies scheduled for discussion will be available on our website as soon as the meeting has been posted.

 If you would like to comment on this report, the Commission would appreciate hearing from you.  Your feedback would be most helpful if it includes the following elements:

  • your position in support or opposition for any recommendation in the staff report;
  • a clear, brief statement of suggested changes, if any, to these recommendations; and
  • a clear, concise summary of any new issues or recommendations not included in the report that you would like the Sunset Commission to consider.

 If you submit your response by Friday, October 17, we can provide this information to the Sunset Commission members before the public hearing.  Comments received in response to a staff report are considered public records, and will be posted on the Sunset website and released to the public upon request.

 Thank you for your assistance with the Sunset review process.

Ken Levine, Director

Sunset Advisory Commission

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