Are Things Better Now with MCNA and Dentaquest? Take Our Survey

UPDATE, March 2: Survey is now closed.

Last fall through to this January, TDMR received a deluge of unsolicited complaints regarding problems with Medicaid dental managed care organizations.

Lots of complaints and education actions taken

We have published no less than 18 articles regarding the subject since last August with the primary culprit appearing to be MCNA.

TDMR took action to air these complaints by bringing them up at the HHSC Medicaid managed care meeting at the beginning of January so officials at HHSC would be made aware of them if they weren’t already. We also acted by providing copies of our DMO survey to officials and legislators.  We continue to follow up with providers who were willing to be contacted about their problems.

Legislator and HHSC action

However, since Sen. Hinojosa and his staff acted several weeks ago by meeting with HHSC Executive Commissioner Charles Smith on complaints of “credible allegations of fraud” payment holds being made by MCNA  and then HHSC agreeing to inform all MCOs including MCNA and Dentaquest that they could not do this, the volume of complaints to TDMR has dropped to almost nil.

Time to survey again

Therefore, we want to find out from providers, especially those who took our previous survey,  if things are better.

So we are putting out a follow-up survey to find out.  We are asking Medicaid dentists, both those who did our last survey and those that didn’t, to let us know what they think NOW – if things have changed.

So, if you are a Medicaid dentist, please answer the Texas Medicaid Dental Maintenance Organization Followup Survey. It is shorter than our last survey and anonymous unless you want to provide your contact information at the end.


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